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Q de bouteiles
 // Frankrike


I den lilla franska byn utan för Pas-de-Calais kust började resan till att återanvända vinflaskor och göra det till användbara produkter för hem och offentlig miljö.

doftljus // kaffeglas // vaser // vinglas // äggkoppar // driksglas // uppläggningsfat


Alla artiklar är unika

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In January 2016, we collect empty bottles of wine from restaurants in our neighborhood. The first bottles are cut with a string, methylated spirit and iced water to create a thermal shock: the method is arduous but promising and friend ask for more.


In just a few months, the word is spread, and friends of friends want them too. It’s time to see the bigger picture, Q de bouteilles is born. We’re going around in the Glass Valley*, creating partnerships with craftsmen who will soon share with passion their perfect mastery of cold working glass.


Beginning of 2017, we move from the barn that has seen the project grow, in order to create our own production workshop in Cucq, Pas de Calais (62). Since then, a dozen craftsmen have joined the team and puts all of their know-how to sort out, cut, polish and shape the bottles that we collect, following five steps of an artisanal process.


Each glass, candle and vase passes though a rigorous quality control to make sure that all the pieces made by Q de bouteilles are the result of a faultless work, guaranteeing them a special place on the finest tables.

*The Glass Valley is the world cluster for luxury bottles for perfumes and spirits, and extends from Normandy to Picardie.

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